Dressed for success,
our model is a seamless mix of social entrepreneurial thinking,
imagination and a refined kindness, to adorn the needs of humanity.


The Philanthropic Collection™ partners with trendsetters, and we use our skills to ensure results that don’t fade.

Passionately pioneered by Philanthropist, Ali Gregg, our team of runway risk takers, have all cut their cloth in the for-profit sector, before being inspired to create one-of-a-kind collections for everyone.

We also partner with an ensemble of external craft-men and -women, who are integral to helping us create change in each and every one of our Collections.


Through our 1World Brand™, manufactured by our Winter Collection, The CEO SleepOut™,
we create inspired publications and visual productions that introduce and spread our philosophy.
Our productions include newsprint publications, luxury magazines, coffee table books, brand videos;
each one tastefully woven into a Collection, flawlessly predicting and revealing the etiquette of philanthropy.


We celebrate that genius and greatness is in the detail.
According to a new report from the World Economic Forum,
creativity at work is going to be the third most important and in-demand skill in the next five years.
Our Collections are laced with creativity that is driven by a love for human beings.
With considered creativity, we can change perceptions of what can be achieved.
We work across all visual and visceral spectrums,
including websites, graphic design, audio visual communications, media, reports, brochures, photography, words, gifting, and more.


Our event designs are unique, unlike anything done before.
The key is an event that moves its audiences to experience the world as one, and uncover their understanding of others’ needs.
Most importantly, our events are not just measured by funds raised – they must result in an increase in empathy,
stitching textures that ultimately make us all human.


If we want our Collections to appeal beyond the corners of our boardrooms,
we need a communications strategy that evokes the heart of our movement.
Across an array of platforms, from content strategy to PR to social media, we ply our message;
because greater media coverage results in extended social impact.
Accountability and good measurement targets must be set before any campaign is launched.
This is crafted by the award-winning Brand Intelligence® research company Ornico,
who fast tracks the effectiveness of the media in advocating our Collections.


We invite thought leaders, mind-changers, and boundary-pushers to engage and share with us,
your ticket out of the fringe to our opening nights.
Through our wide network, we are able to access the most inspiring minds,
and offer shows where their ideas can be seen, heard, learnt and passionately discussed.
Armed with the outfits of such plumage, we can all be couturiers of compassion.


Put down the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) score sheet.
Consider that the era of ready-to-wear CSR is frankly old-fashioned.
We work with fore-runners and collaborators to foster unique, long-lasting, and sustainable solutions.
We won’t tell you where to relinquish your CSR budget.
We will partner with you to ensure you’re using your budget in a way that truly means business,
the savvy and sophisticated way to social innovation.


We understand that businesses need to account for a strong Return On Investment.
While monetary value is one hanger of measurement,
the long lasting production line of the social impact for both Beneficiaries and Participants is more intricate.
The invaluable alliance with IQ Business in undertaking Social Return on Investment (SROI) Analysis’s of our Collections,
allows us to understand each stakeholder’s increase in empathy
– the effects on their business practices – and equally important, their touch on humanity.


Developing a new Collection doesn’t happen off the cuff.
It involves a deep understanding of the story we’re telling, the techniques and tools we have to tell it,
the form and function it needs to serve, and the best pattern to guide us.
When we understand the why and how of what we want to change, we can style a Collection that Creates Conscious Capital.