What Is The Philanthropic Collection™?

The Philanthropic Collection™ Pty Ltd (TPC) is a social enterprise. TPC is not a non-profit-organisation or charity; we use sound business principals and practices while collaborating with leaders and brands, to create projects and events that benefit the non-profit and charity sectors. We are inspired by activist Dan Pallotta whose philosophy is that philanthropy needs to be allowed to run on modern-day business principles to ensure the greatest Social Return on Investment, and funds for Beneficiaries, without relying solely on sponsorship. To do so, it must incur costs and retain working capital to ensure that it is sustainable. As a commercial entity, over 2015, 2016 and 2017, we have given 75% of earnings to Beneficiaries. This exceeds international norms for events of this nature. For more on the Pallotta philosophy please take the time to view one of the most viewed TED talks ever, by clicking here.

What Is The Philosophy Behind A Social Enterprise?

The technical explanation is that “A social enterprise is a revenue-generating business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community.” It’s a kind of hybrid of a business and a non-profit. A social enterprise uses business models and practices to make money. They then use that money, or portions thereof, to benefit the community. The reason social enterprises developed was because the traditional model of fundraising (through sponsorship and low overheads) wasn’t sustainable, and the results meant that non-profits and charities were suffering.

Why Is The Philanthropic Collection™ Positioned As A Boutique?

The reason we chose to brand TPC as a boutique stemmed from the idea that it was time for a new wave of philanthropy; a new Season of Giving. We paid close attention to global trends, and realised that businesses that also give back are going to redefine the way in which we approach philanthropy. With that in mind, we wanted to create a luxury brand that was attractive to those who had the financial ability to help, while resonating with those within the immediate spheres of influence, and play on the idea that, instead of buying into fleeting trends, we should focus on the long-term trend of extended social impact.

What Are The Concepts That Drive The Philanthropic Collection™ – And What Do They Mean?

Social Innovation: New, novel or unique solutions to social ills, that benefit communities.

Social Entrepreneurship: The act of start ups or entrepreneurs developing, funding and implementing businesses that find solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

Social Impact: The effect a Project has on a social challenge, long term.

Social Enterprise:  an organisation that applies commercial strategies to create improvements for human and environmental well-being, often maximising social impact alongside making profits.

Social Return on Investment (SROI): SROI tells the story of how change is created and assesses the value of the impact of the Project. It uses stakeholder engagement, research and common accounting and investment appraisal methods, to create an index that compares monetised outcomes to the investment required to generate it; a cost / benefit analysis.

What Projects Does The Philanthropic Collection™ Undertake?

TPC is most well-known for producing The Annual SleepOut™ Movement and its Satellite Events, The Sympathy, South Africa and School SleepOut™s. The main Event sees business leaders and influencers spend a winter’s night outdoors, raising funds and gaining empathy for the homeless and vulnerable communities. The Event aims to support the five pillars required to integrate the homeless back into society; Shelter, Nutrition, Medical, Education and Community. In 2015, we focused our efforts on helping Girls and Boys Town, which worked across all five pillars. In 2016, we focused on education and funds went towards Beneficiaries that worked in Early Childhood Development (ECD), and other educational areas; The Asha Trust, Columba Leadership, and The Steve Biko Foundation for these Projects: Asha Trust, Columba Leadership and The Steve Biko Foundation. In 2017, the focus was on Shelter for abandoned babies and children with the Door of Hope as The Primary Beneficiary. There are also Satellite Beneficiaries for the Satellite Events, which are awarded collected items, not funds. For a full list of all our Beneficiaries from The CEO SleepOut™ visit Our Wonderful World.


Within The SleepOut™ Movement , we also create Special Edition Publications, under the brand 1World™, to spread the message of corporate philanthropy, empathy and social innovation.  These include HopeTalk (which benefits Homeless Talk), EMPATHY (which benefits The Salvation Army) and KIDlanthropy, aimed at teaching and highlighting the importance of empathy to children.


TPC also brings you The CEO Cook-Off™, The Floral Couture Collection™ and The Chosen™. The  strategies and campaigns for these brands will once again reinforce and showcase new, global, ground-breaking and trend-making activations within the world of social innovation.

How Does The Philanthropic Collection™ Appoint Beneficiaries For Its Projects?

TPC works closely with experts, in order to select Beneficiaries aligned to each Project. In the case of The SleepOut™ Movement, we select Beneficiaries who work within one or more of the five pillars required to integrate the homeless back into society; Shelter, Nutrition, Medical, Education and Community.

What Services Does The Philanthropic Collection™ Offer To Brands Who Want To embark On A Project?

TPC creates and produces its own Projects, and partners with companies and brands who want to turn profits into purpose. We work hand-in-hand from the onset, from concept to roll out. Some of our offerings include; content production, event design, media, communications and public relations, seminars, social innovation, social return on investment analysis, and strategy. The only requirement? A portion of what we raise is given back to vulnerable communities. Want to partner with us? Email info@thephilanthropiccollection.com.